Being a Single Guy on Valentine’s Day

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So it’s Valentine’s Day, you’re a single guy surrounded by couples and you start feeling depressed because you haven’t found someone to spend it with. Seems typical, right?

That’s because to me, it’s a typical story others tend to think about when it comes to singles on Valentine’s Day. I have been single a long time and both of my best friends are in a relationship together. So a lot of the times, people would think this holiday is just a lonely, depressing time to me.

But it’s not, because like my friends, I believe that Valentine’s Day is just a propaganda holiday to get people to buy unnecessary things for each other.

Let’s be honest, if Valentine’s Day is the only day you try to make your significant other happy, you shouldn’t be in a relationship. You should always try to make each other happy, holiday or not.

The thing I never understood about this holiday is buying an overpriced card. What’s the point? To let them know how much you care about them? News flash, you don’t need a card to do this. There’s something called a phone to let them know. Or you could let them know in person, which is even better.

Another typical thing that people always think that guys want on Valentine’s Day is sex. This, to me at least, is false. If I had a significant other and it was Valentine’s Day, that’s not what is going to be on my mind. I would be thinking about how to make them happy or how to impress them.

I also hate when people or the media imagine singles eating ice cream or chocolate by themselves crying alone in the dark. I have never done this or anything as depressing.

I have never known anyone to do that no matter how depressed they are. Of course, that doesn’t mean it never happens. It just seems to be one of those clichés that nobody would do because they’ve seen it too many times in movies or television shows.

When I have free time away from work or college, I hang out with my friends and have a great time.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day at all, and people can do whatever they want on that day. I just don’t care for it and see no point in it.

I understand that it’s a holiday to express your love towards that special someone, but shouldn’t you be doing that everyday?

I know this sounds like a single guy complaining and trying to criticize Valentine’s Day, but it’s not. It’s simply an opinion and to let those who get or feel lonely on Valentine’s Day to cheer up.

My suggestion if you do end up feeling lonely on this holiday is to hang out with friends or family. These people understand you the most and will cheer you up no matter how busy they may seem.

I don’t let a holiday bother me at all. I focus on the day and figure out how I can have fun, and then do it.

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