Springing into a new semester

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Once the fall semester classes come to an end, students tend to breathe a collective sigh of relief. Pressure from homework and finals just melts away, while off-duty students huddle together inside their homes to stay out of the cold.

But what about when classes start up again? That break that helped students to unwind and focus on relaxation is brought to an abrupt halt as they are brought back to campus to continue their college career.

So, instead of forcing yourself back into this familiar, sometimes difficult setting, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure your sanity and your passing grades.

According to Administrative Assistant at the Accessibility Resource Center Kathy Lau, students can easily get left in the dust if they aren’t fully prepared for the semester.

“We do move fast with that college life, and those tests and that homework start piling on right away,” Lau said.

Sophomore Mervin Collins agrees that all students need to be prepared for the semester, regardless of the classes that they are taking.

“You probably already have a good idea of what classes you want to take, and how much time that is probably going to put into that whether you’re taking upper level classes, intermediate or beginner classes; you always want to be prepared,” Collins said.

So what’s the solution? What can students do to get back into the swing of things?

Quite a lot, actually.

Elaine Bryant, the director of the student success and academic advising center, believes time management skills to be among the most valuable to students making their way onto campus.

“Making sure that your time management skills are where they need to be – you’ve had that month off, so make sure that your time management and your goals are where they need to be,” Bryant said. “Make sure you’re spending the time on what’s important and what you’re trying to accomplish in the time you’re here.”

Speaking of time management, Collins pointed out a problem that many students are already probably dealing with: sleep deprivation.

“What I would advise for a lot of people would be getting your sleep schedule back together, because, once you’re on break, that kind of gets ruined because you’re hanging out too much and staying up late.”

While students are working out their own schedule issues, Bryant hopes that they will make use of the many resources available to them.

“Remember about the resources on campus,” Bryant said. “The Center for Academic Support – if you struggle just a little bit, don’t wait till the last minute to get help with that assistance. And if it’s a special class, you have to have time to set up that tutor; don’t wait till the night before a test to get tutoring.”

If students still need assistance, they always have their advisors to help put them on the right track.

“And if you have lots of questions, always go to your advisor, because they are a resource that gets you connected to other resources on campus,” Bryant said.

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