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Missouri Western Sees Improvement in Admission Numbers and Numbers Go Down In Housing Numbers

While the number of students living on campus has gone down, it currently looks as though overall admissions numbers will be slightly up over last year.

Director of Residential Life Nathan Roberts believes that the lower housing numbers are normal for this time of year.

“Well, right now we are hovering around 1100, which is down from the fall semester, but that’s pretty normal for any university,” Roberts said.

Roberts explained that the majority of students graduate high school in May and then come as traditional students in the fall, so Western sees lower enrollment numbers in the spring semester.

However, the campus is seeing overall growth, which has led to more dorms.

“The population on campus has been increasing. Scanlon and Griffon added about 650 beds total and at that point, I think that they used to load Logan and Beshears with 8 students per room and then they went down to private,” Roberts said.

This housing number is only an estimation as the semester has only just begun. The actual data will not be available until a later time, but the numbers are looking good for the future housing enrollment at Missouri Western.

The admissions numbers seem to be going up as more people are encouraged to go back to school and get their degree. However, many students have their own reasons to enroll at Western.

“I thought about going to something better, like UMKC, but because it is so far away, it’s cheaper to come here,” sophomore Jeron Rogers said.

Associate Dean of Enrollment Management and Director of Admissions Tyson Schank explains that admission numbers have seen improvements.

“The best I can tell you right now is the first-time students we brought in for the spring and right now, for first-time freshman, we are up one percent. For transfer students, we are up about five percent from transfers coming to us from two year schools and down nine percent of transfer students coming from other four years. We are up seven percent in our graduate enrollment. The estimated number is not finalized until census date is due. For retention re-enrollment, it is up by one percent,” Schank said.

While the housing and admission numbers are not official until after the official census, it appears as though Western is continuing to grow.


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