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While there are many clubs and organizations that Missouri Western provides, there is one that is more relaxed and free than others.

The Gamers Guild is an organization that allows anyone to join and bring their own games as long as others are willing to play.

The games can also range from any kind of platform. From video games to card games like Magic: The Gathering, anything is allowed.

Grayson Bosworth is a recent member of the Gamers Guild and attends when he’s not in class or in school.

“We just wait until they unlock whichever room we have and everyone kind of does their own thing,” Bosworth said. “Some people start playing Dungeons and Dragons and other people sometimes bring a game console and start playing against people. There’s a lot of Magic players and we usually get together and play that, even outside the Guild.”

Bosworth has also mentioned a time the Guild played Cards Against Humanity, which is an adult humor card game that has grown very popular.

Michael Eddy has been a member for a year and a half in the Guild and has enjoyed every experience.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Eddy said. “We have changed locations several times and had a couple of ups and downs, like this year, where something happened with our paperwork and we don’t have the room for a couple weeks. My experiences have been pretty positive. We come in and it’s pretty much a social group. We have a Facebook page so if your interested in a certain game, you can message someone to see if any other member of the guild has that game and then, we play it.”

The Gamers Guild has been delayed this semester due to missing paperwork and having to re-establish the organization. The new paperwork was submitted 14 business days before the event, and despite an advisor’s approval, the Guild has been denied. The Guild will hopefully re-open within two weeks.

Like many clubs or organizations, many have found friendships through the Gamers Guild.

Bosworth now plays Magic with many of his friends he met through the Guild.

“I’ve made quite a few friends in the Gamers Guild,” Bosworth said. “It’s how I met some of the people I hang out with now.”

Bosworth discovered the Gamers Guild during the student orientation Western has at the beginning each year.

Joseph Hawkins is another member of the Guild who has enjoyed being part of the organization.

“It’s a real friendly atmosphere where everyone gets along and we never have any problems, even deciding what games to play, there’s no negativity,” Hawkins said.

The Gamers Guild has been a fun experience for those that have participated in it and is always looking for more people to join.

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