International Interview Issue #2 Uruguay

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Name: Nikolas Alexandre Martinez

Home country: Uruguay

Age: 21

Major: Computer Science

How long are you staying? Four years

Why did you come here? I went to an American high school [English speaking school in Montevideo, Uruguay] and all my classmates and friends wanted to come up here, and me too.

What did you expect? I didn’t really know what to expect, I’m still finding out new things. I came here with a very open mind, so I didn’t expect anything.

What came true/what didn’t?

Favorite thing about America? I like how orderly everything is, everything is well organized and categorized. And there are a lot of conferences for what I’m in interested in which is computer security and network security. Every major conference is in the US, that’s very important to me.

Least favorite thing about America? People sometimes react weirdly if you tell them you’re from another country, they kind of act differently. They might not realize it, but they do.

What did you think about Americans before? What now? I had very good experiences with Americans before I came here. They were very nice people, very open-minded. Not everybody is like that, obviously, but I love America.

What did surprise you? The shock when I came here – I didn’t know what to expect. For example, when I say hi to somebody I shake their hand or kiss them on the cheek, because kissing somebody on the cheek is very common in South America. But one time when I met an elderly couple I kissed the lady and then I kissed the man – his face was a poem, it was so funny. And that’s when I realized this is maybe not acceptable here.

Favorite TV Show? Breaking Bad, House, there are so many!

Worst/best food and beer? The best beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon. And I can tell you the best and the worst food: Pizza!

What do you miss most about home? A really good steak!

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