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Dragon Age Review

When it comes to video games, many players like to customize their character to immerse themselves in a world different from the real one.

Dragon Age is a good example of a game full of customization. From choosing a different race (human, elf, dwarf, qunari) to a different play style, Dragon Age has always been a game full of choices.

Players can choose their companions and equipment, as well as your own impact in the storyline.

Now, three years after the release of Dragon Age II, Bioware and Electronic Arts have released the next game in the series, Inquisition.

Inquisition has won many awards, but the one that stands out the most is Game of the Year.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is full of many different mechanics that have been added since the second installment, and all of them are for the better.

The first major difference from previous games is the storyline itself. An evil force called the Elder One has created portals to release demons and chaos to the world.

As the only one who can seal these portals, the player embarks on a mission to stop the world from madness and create an army to reunite a kingdom on the brink of war.

The story and lore of the Dragon Age series has always been interesting and addicting. Inquisition uses this to its advantage and makes the story  powerful.

Another major difference in the game is the world itself. In the previous games there have been “set” areas where you go, never allowing open world exploration.

Inquisition has changed this, allowing players to explore different areas freely and do quests at their own pace.

Bioware has also changed places that have been in previous games.

Redcliffe, which was a town players go to in the first Dragon Age, has changed dramatically since the last visit.

Also, instead of one country to save, the game has two. Orlais, which has been mentioned in previous games, is now available to freely explore with many quests to participate in.

A third major difference in the game is the combat system, which has, in some arguments, improved the way you fight.

As always with the Dragon Age series, players get three other characters to fight and help finish the quests.

Inquisition allows a player to map their abilities and create tactics for them to fit a players every fighting need.

The tactical mode, which allows players to pause the fighting and map out attacks for every character, is a new feature in the series.

It’s most beneficial for boss battles, where players can control movements and decide who handles the guards of the boss.

The final major improvement in the game is crafting. There are now weapon and armor schematics that can be collected to craft. Even more, players can alter the armor that is crafted with improvements that are found with materials.

On weapons, you can find runes that can be equipped  to improve damage on enemies.

Overall, Inquisition holds up as Game of the Year. The gameplay keeps players engaged and the storyline is powerful enough to keep interest.

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