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Defense critical against Lincoln

As the 8-9 Griffon men regroup after a tough loss against Missouri Southern, they are looking ahead to even out their record against the Lincoln Tigers Saturday.

The Griffon men tend not to focus on what’s already done, and are beginning to prepare for a road game in Jefferson City.

“We just have to come together as a team and more than anything we have to regroup, get back together on Monday and watch some film,” Currie Byrd. Byrd scored 10 points in the losing match against Southern. “We didn’t do anything wrong this game, we just have to play harder against Lincoln.”

The 4-14 Lincoln Tigers are led by the 6’1 senior guard, Joshua Buie, averaging 16.6 points per game. The Griffon men will focus on and understand that defense is going to be the key role to beating them.

“Without defense on the road, the other team feeds off their crowd and they’ll just pull it in,” Byrd said.

Coach Weiberg believes that Lincoln are a lot better defensively this year, but they’re looking forward to getting better in practice.

Byrd states that playing on the road is more of a challenge compared to playing on their home floor.

“We sort of lack a student section but sometimes the other schools have some serious student sections. That kind of makes us have to play two times harder, especially on defense,” Bryd said.

Teammate Kevin Thomas is more than positive that a road game has no affect on the way they play. He feels that his team is self-motivated.

“We’re going to beat them, we have something to prove. We shouldn’t have lost against Southern, so we are going to take it out on Lincoln next game,” Thomas said.

Although Lincoln’s record is not as impressive as it could be, the Griffon men are making sure that it doesn’t change the way they respond in the game.

“We give the same effort every game, it doesn’t matter who we play,” Thomas said.

In some cases, teams look at other teams with a not-so-good record and think they can come out and not give as much effort as they would against a team with a great record.

“The way we’re playing, it shouldn’t matter who our opponent is because we haven’t been playing the way that we should, but it can get in your head and if it does, it can be a bad thing,” Bryd said. “If you look at it that way then it can go downhill quickly and we can’t let that happen.”

Weiberg expresses how critical this game will be for the Griffon men.

“It’s a very very important game for us, but really every game is important. We’ll prepare the same way and make sure the kids are aware that there’s a lot of teams that’ll go in and beat Lincoln, but we just have to be that team that doesn’t drop, we can’t be the team that doesn’t [beat them].” Weiberg said. “More than anything we better play really good defensively.”


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