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Everyone has some type of hobby that they enjoy and this is no different for Missouri Western’s own Ana Bausset.

Bausset is an assistant professor of Spanish who has earned the respect of most of her students and colleagues.

Sage Smith is one of Baussett’s students and enjoys her teaching methods.

“She’s a little less formal than most teachers, but I enjoy her class because she speaks in Spanish and explains different words that aren’t in the book,” Smith said. “It’s also an introduction to culture because she’s from Argentina and that makes the class more interesting.”

Bausset enjoys acting on the side and has been featured in a few pieces, including the upcoming movie New Testament.

“I do acting and have been called to do many things and they sometimes cast me as a person from the Middle-East or a Latin American person because I have that look,” Baussett said. “I was cast in Utah about a year ago and I did work in the deserts where they were filming. It wasn’t as glamorous as some people would think because of the heat. We were suffering.”

Paul Pickett is also a teacher doing acting on the side and has worked with Baussett on a M.A.D.D. training video.

“Ana was a delight to work with, she was always upbeat and excited,” Pickett said. “She knew her lines very well and didn’t mess up very much.  In fact, most of the mess-ups came from me. She read my emotions well on screen and reacted properly.  She did have a tough time pronouncing some words in English or putting the correct emphasis on phrases, which led to some laugh out loud moments on screen. Ana’s acting skills are just fine, she learned quickly from the acting coach they had on set and would usually get her lines down before I would.  She’s very believable.”

While she wasn’t a main role in the movie, there are quite a bit of scenes where you can see her in the background. There’s even one scene of her with Jesus in the movie. She was an extra and played a woman in the crowds of different scenes in the movie.

Pickett also explained what acting is like for him.

“Acting, for me, is a rush,” Pickett said. “It requires so much preparation and effort that when you finally get on set your adrenaline is pumping and you are ready to go. One of the most difficult things in acting is to not act. You have to become that character and until you do, you are acting. No one likes to watch an actor act, they want to watch a character. So you have to do a lot of preparation to become that character.”

Baussett got the part in the New Testament by her other works.

When she played her different rolls, that information was saved in records where different studios can access them. By having this information, studios can pick and choose who they would want as their actors and extras.

“We were doing short documentaries for the HR of the Mormon Church and there were nine of us that did a few scenes and were featured in the movie,” Baussett said. “It was awesome, though. I loved it and I love acting when I have the time.”

New Testament is being made by LDS Motion Picture Studios for a religious organization called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The movie is being produced to teach people about the life of Jesus and the New Testament.

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