Renovations long overdue for Spratt

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Unless sports are absolutely irrelevant to you, I am pretty sure you have heard about the renovations that plan to take place at Spratt Stadium.
For the longest time, I have suggested that we do something with Spratt, because, as time had passed, our stadium was starting to look old.
The field and its surroundings were starting to look out of date and some things were obviously wearing down.
I have been a sports editor for over a year now, and though I am upset they are just now improving the press box area, I am thankful that the future editors will be able to enjoy the game in an improved press box.
Seriously, the press boxes were so tough to be in sometimes that I stayed on the field on game days when I had to cover the event.
What excites me the most, however, is the opportunity to get a jumbo screen for the field.
One of the things I have always envied about Northwest Missouri State and Pittsburgh State is their huge screens that are able to show replays.
In 2012, after beating both Northwest and Pitt State in their own homes, I thought that the following year would be the time we finally got a jumbo screen for our program.
That did not happen; instead we received a flashboard that now sits on the side of the GISC. I’m not complaining, because I do enjoy seeing that flashboard when I am on the highway.
This jumbo screen will open up a few opportunities in my opinion. Having something of this magnitude will help in recruiting athletes.
Yes, selling players on technology seems like a stretch, but something as small as video screen would excite any player with aspirations of playing collegiate football.
If I was a recruit, and you told me I had the chance to be seen on a jumbo screen after a big play, I would take that into consideration.
Overall, the fact that some improvements will be made will help the university as a whole. We all know that a school’s appearance is everything, and if this helps with recruiting more students as a whole, I am for it.

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