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If you decide to spend a big chunk of your thanksgiving break in Las Vegas with a bunch of international students you might not get a single paper or project done, but you’ll learn a couple of valuable life lessons.

For example, you get a hands-on experience how life as the mother or father of a toddler is going to be.

So you haven’t slept for more than two hours last night and and as a result passed out in your hotel room around midnight – you can be sure to get woken up by your friend who brings your other, absolutely wasted friend back to the room to put to bed. After you two spent half an hour patching up owies, untying shoelaces and forcing your friend under the sheets, you think you’re done.

Far from it.

As soon as your fairly sober friend leaves the room, your drunk toddler is up again. Now the bargaining begins. He drinks a bit of water if you drink some. He leaves his underpants on if you let him go to the bathroom. He goes to bed if you put on his favorite Taylor Swift song (but also the music video!). And so on.

After finally putting your friend to bed and stopping him from getting up again a couple dozen times, he is sound asleep. Until maybe 5 in the morning.

Around that time, some of the alcohol has worn off and instead of whiny, your friend is grumpy. Try stopping him from blasting music at a volume that could bring deaf Beethoven back from the dead and simultaneously fighting the urge to strangle your friend with your bare hands – it’s not easy.

After that episode you know you’ll look for a job that pays enough to afford a nanny (in the very distant future).

You will also discover things about yourself you didn’t know before. For example, I am decent at roulette and can chug an entire bottle of wine. Who knew?

Gambling and money is a big part of Vegas, anyway.

You’ll spend S18 on a drink and between S25 and S35 on cover to get into a club (it’s cheaper for girls, but hey, considering what we spend on make-up I think that’s only fair).

So unless you have an incredible poker face or a mean winning streak at a slot machine ($150? Seriously, Julie?) you’re gonna be out of a bit of money after five days of Las Vegas. At least you didn’t lose nearly a thousand bucks at roulette like that guy in the unbuttoned satin shirt and gold chains you saw at the other table.

But Vegas is more than drinking yourself blind and wasting days in a casino.

Just outside of Las Vegas is a very picturesque canyon – and if you’re better organized than we, you might even get there before sunset and see the canyon when it’s not pitch-black outside.

And a warning on the side: If you want to actually go in the desert, the only way is through a barbed wire fence. In my case, this resulted in ripped pants and a free acupuncture.

All in all, Vegas was a very nice experience – especially the whirlpool in our bathroom. Man, do I miss having a whirlpool.

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