Deadline extended, Chiefs contract still under negotiation

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On Monday, Dec. 1, Missouri Western and the Kansas City Chiefs hit the official deadline for a training camp contract extension.

The day went by and no decision was made. Since both sides still have some things they would like to iron out, a 30-day extension for the deadline was signed.

Now, the university and the Chiefs have until Jan. 1 to decide if there will be a training camp held on campus next summer.

With no decision coming during their bye-week or before the deadline, it raises concern as to whether or not the contract extension will happen. And, if not, where the Chiefs will be heading next offseason.

Kurt McGuffin, director of athletics, said that both parties had wants and that, ultimately, a decision was not reached. So, they signed the contract with the hopes that the extra month would give them enough time to work out the remaining negotiation factors.

But, with some things left to work out, it gives the university a small chance that the Chiefs will make a return. But, they can only sign a one-year extension on the contract for the next five years.

Which means that if the Chiefs do decide by year’s end that they want to return, Western and the Chiefs could potentially be in this position again this time next year.


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