Women basketball prime for a championship push

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Basketball season has return and both teams have kicked their exhibition games off against their respective opponents.
Although I am excited about the men and their season, I am interested in how this whole Edmisson experiment will work out.
What’s the Edmisson experiment? Well, it’s just something I came up with to explain his recruiting ability.
Edmisson is in his third year and he has made it known that the losing mentality the women’s basketball team once had before, will no longer be tolerated since his arrival.
In his first year, he revamped the roster; adding and replacing players that could help bring a winning attitude to the program.
In his second year, he continued what he started and put together a competitive team that barely missed the playoffs.
This year seems a little different. Edmisson continued to impress with his recruiting, but I believe that this might be his best class yet.
They have easily improved in every position this year. Edmisson continued to build on his guard play, while also adding some size and athleticism that will be able to compete in the MIAA.
Guards LaQuinta Jefferson, Sarafina Handy and Chelsea Dewey are all-versatile and will be threats early on in the season.
Keep an eye on Jefferson; a player I believe will be a playmaker for the Griffons.
Forwards Mhykeah Baez and Mariah Jordan will add to the position that the Griffons may be lacking at the most.
Size has always been a problem for Western teams in general, when it comes to basketball.
This year might be different because of the depth.
Not to mention, Western has five returners from a season ago and if they can get the chemistry together early, this could be a big season for the squad.
Finally, the return of guard Ariana Novak is something I have been anticipating.
Last year, she impressed me early on, but a knee injury sidelined her. Novak is a sharpshooter and helps with the spacing on the court.
With those big forwards down low and quick guards pushing the ball, this women’s squad has a chance to impress the entire conference.

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