Senate passes $10,000 to fund Student Centennial Committee

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In a measure to fund student activities for the Centennial, the Student Government Association approved a $10,000 appropriation on Monday, Nov. 10.

The proposal was originally heard in the senate meeting the previous week. Student Governor Lionel Attawia sponsored the measure. Attawia, who is on the Student Centennial Committee, said that while the university has planned centennial events for the alumni, he would like the committee to take a student-centric approach to the event planning.

“The university has been doing a lot of things, particularly with like alumni,” Attawia said. “They have some ideas of what would be cool for students, but they don’t know exactly what would be best for students so that’s why they made this committee.”

The $10,000 appropriation will be taken from the SGA rollover fund that totals approximately $78,000. The rollover fund is an accumulation of end-of-year funds that have not been spent. SGA President Daniel Hager said the rollover has not been spent in several years.

“Obviously this rollover has been an accumulation of multiple years,” Hager said. “This has been an ongoing thing. Anywhere that we don’t spend our money exactly as we budgeted it out it goes over to rollover… We have all of this left over rollover money and now senators are trying to come up with ideas on what to spend with it so this is one of the projects that we are actually taking out of rollover.”

The proposal was originally worded to take money out of the 2014-2015 Special Projects budget, but was amended by Senator Brian Shewell to be funded from rollover funds.

Although the rollover totals $78,000, some senators were reluctant to fund the Student Centennial Committee. Senator Jacob Teasley questioned the amount of the proposal. During a meeting he said, “ Ten thousand is a large amount of money. If we don’t fund this, the events would still happen.” Teasley voted no on the proposal.

Prior to the approval of $10,000, the Student Centennial Committee had a budget of $1,000 from a donation. After the approval, the total budget is $11,000. Attawia attributes the conflict to the senate’s fiscally responsible nature.

“Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money, but when you think of it over the course of a year, it’s really not too bad when you want to do all these events and you think of all the cost for all the events,” he said. “That’s where the conflict came from, but it’s not usual because this is a once in a lifetime event.”

Now, due to the initiative passing, students will be able to take advantage of another once in a lifetime event. The Student Centennial Committee plans to purchase a time capsule that students can fill with items that are significant to them.

“If you’re a student and you just have something special to you, you can put it in the time capsule,” Attawia said. “It’s definitely something that is open for students and I feel like it will be seen as a crowning jewel, especially where it will be put.”

The time capsule cannot be buried, but instead bolted in Blum Student Union. It will be reopened in 50 years – in 2065.

Attawia said an email will be sent to students encouraging them to donate items to put into the time capsule. For more information, contact Attawia at

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