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Tusk Review

Usually, when someone makes a movie that combines comedy and horror, it’s a pretty weird movie. But, this movie was the weirdest I have ever seen.

“Tusk” was made and directed by Kevin Smith, who was the genius behind “Jay and Silent Bob.”

It started out as an ad that he saw. As a prank, someone put an ad out in a paper that offered free living conditions, but there was one condition; whoever took this offer had to dress and act like a walrus.

On Kevin Smith’s podcast, they talked about this for the entire show and had laughs and crazy ideas about this ad.

In the end, there was a movie about it and Kevin Smith took to his fans on Twitter to see if they wanted the movie to happen: #WalrusYes or #WalrusNo. The fans said yes.

While the acting is great, the story is just horrifyingly weird. When you sit down to this movie, you are not prepared for everything that happens is coming your way. It literally is a WTF movie.

The movie starts out by introducing you to the main character, Wallace Bryton, who is a popular podcaster on the show, the Not-See-Party.

The show is basically like Tosh.O, where they look at humiliating videos and have a cruel laugh about it.

With his co-host, Teddy Craft, they watch this Youtube clip of the Kill Bill kid, who is playing with a samurai sword and ends up cutting his own leg off.

Wallace, who had a lot of good laughs about this, decides he wants an interview with the kid in Canada.

When he arrives, however, Wallace discovers that the kid killed himself due to all the humiliation.

Wallace ends up going to a bar, where he discovers an ad about a man that has traveled the seas and has lots of tales to tell.

Determined to come back to the podcast with something, Wallace contacts the man and drives out in the middle of nowhere to meet him.

Howard Howe, who spent a lot of time in the sea, tells his story to Wallace about Mr. Tusk, a walrus who saved him from death when his ship wrecked.

The things that happen in this movie afterwards are unexplainable and gruesome, yet oddly somewhat humorous.

For example, Johnny Depp’s character, Guy Lapointe, who spent his entire life on the police force trying to find Howard Howe, is very entertaining and well-played.

There are some points in the movie where the pacing is really slow and drawn out, when a new scene should have emerged instead.

Despite being the weirdest horror movie that has ever been made, it’s still well done.

There are intriguing characters, a fascinating storyline and all the shots were well executed.

Horror has always gave us the most bizarre stories we have ever heard of or could imagine and this movie reminds anyone who sees it of that.

This movie cannot be described in words and is one of those movies that you will have stuck in your head forever.

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