Top 5 fast-food joints for college kids

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Although many will probably disagree with some of my choices here, after going on five years of commuting to Western, this is my top five fast-food places I always find myself at.

  1. Taco John’s

With its close proximity to campus combined with the golden deliciousness that are Potato Olés and the epic nacho cheese that accompanies them, Taco John’s comes in at a solid five on the list.

The service is standard and the prices are low with a good variety of normal Tex-Mex found in most fast food taco joints.

Especially good, and until a couple years ago unique to Taco John’s, are the meat and potato burritos. Now that they added a breakfast option, Taco John’s has become an even more attractive food spot.

  1. Long John Silver’s

Fancy some fish-‘n’-chips? Long John Silver’s is a must! Flaky fish and other critters of the sea all battered up and deep-fried to yummy perfection.

While it is a bit of a hike down the belt, the perfection that are the cheese sticks and those little balls of heaven called hush puppies all washed down with ice-cold A&W root beer make the trek well worth it.

On top of all those reasons to hoof it over, the price is perfect for a student on a budget.

  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

We all know those giant pillows of meat, rice and beans are where our appetites, no matter how big, lay their heads to rest.

While haunted by a common misconception that they are actually owned by McDonald’s, Chipotle is actually a brand all their own.

McDonald’s was a major investor in the company all the way up to 2006, but they are now completely divested from the company.

While a little bit pricier than the first two contenders, the amount of food to money ratio is still acceptable.

  1. PepperJax Grill

Need a break from a burger? This is definitely the place to be.

PepperJax has the normal fair of burritos, rice bowls and nachos – but we all know that’s not the reason they are number two in the countdown. It’s the legendary oh-so-gooey Philly cheesesteak.

Grilled to order every time, this heaven on bread should be a freaking wonder of the world.

Thin sliced meat smothered in cheese on a hoagie, what could go wrong?

  1. Hardee’s

With their made-from-scratch biscuits in the morning to a towering abomination of meat known as the Monster Burger, Hardee’s is king of this countdown.

The price is once again just barely above average but the quality of the food is unmet amongst other fast-food joints.

Using only premium Angus beef, the burgers are the reason to head all the way to the North end of the Belt, and the reason why this joint gets my number one pick.

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