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The Griffons’ soccer team is playing hard and planning on amping up their play for the last half of the season.
With seven wins this season, Coach Edwards has been named the winningest coach in Griffon soccer history.
Edwards would not take all the credit though.
“I just have had a bunch of talented ladies play for me,” Edwards said. “I would not be here without them.”
This season has been a really great showing of the Griffons’ defense with seven wins and four losses.
Through all 12 games this season the griffons have only allowed six goals and they have had seven shutouts.
Sarah Lyle is the goalie for the Griffons and she has played well this season, but all the credit cannot be given to her.
“Like I have said before, the ball has to go through 10 other players before Sarah,” Edwards said. “But I would not have anyone else between the pipes.”
After beating Missouri Southern, Southwest Baptist, Washburn and Emporia, the griffons are on a four game win streak.
With a game winning goal by Tara Russell, the Griffons are heading to Nebraska-Kearney and keeping the momentum.
“It means a lot to score any goal, but like coach says, we have to worry about the next 45 minutes,” Tara said.
The 2-8-1 Lopers plan to defend their home turf as the Griffons come into town.
Nebraska-Kearney has scored eight goals throughout this season, but have allowed 24.
Their stats show they do not pose a big defensive threat, but the Griffons do not want to let their guard down.
The Griffons look forward to seeing Lyle come through for another shutout performance and for the rest of the Griffons to show their offensive skills and come out with a win.
“It is not good for the heart or the gray hairs,” Edwards said. “But winning by one goal or winning by five, a win is a win and I am proud of the girls.”
The Griffons play Nebraska-Kearny Friday, Oct. 17, Fort Hays Sunday, Oct. 19, and finally return home to play the University of Central Missouri next Friday, Oct. 24.
Currently, the Griffons are ranked fifth in the conference and in their last stretch of the season, the Griffons play two teams ranked above the UCM and Fort Hays.
UCM is ranked no. 1 and the Griffons play them two times, once at home and once in Warrensburg.

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