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Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review

Everyone who enjoys video games has a favorite character in their favorite video game, and Super Smash Bros. brings the favorites from Nintendo to battle, handheld style.

On Oct 3, everyone got the chance to purchase and experience Super Smash Bros on the 3ds for the first time.

The game can start slow, as the controls can be confusing. After all, most gamers are used to pushing a button to jump instead of moving the analog stick up.

But, it’s still your typical fighting game, with different rules and styles to play. You can go from having a time limit and trying to deal the most damage to your opponents to a free for all with a set of lives.

The thing that makes the game difficult are the different levels of the game. There are a ton of levels where if you don’t watch your step, you can fall off and lose a life. It’s very difficult on this game to save yourself if you fall, thus making some of the stages on this game infuriating.

The characters and animation on this game were really good. There are a few characters that were unfamiliar, but were fun to play as.

Characters in the game came from several other games, including Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, Sonic, Pac Man and more.

While doing battle against your foes, many different items and weapons can drop to help you get those knockouts against your opponents.

The weapons ranged from swords to laser guns. There are even poke balls that can appear.

There’s nothing like throwing a poke ball at your opponent and using a Pokémon to help you win.

Besides the classic smash mode, where you set up the rules, choose the stage and battle against other characters, there’s a new feature in the game called Super Smash Run.

This mode is trickier because it involves a lot of strategy to get through it. You begin by choosing your character you want to use. Then, for five minutes, you defeat as many enemies as you can.

This mode is kind of like a Mario game, where you’re the character trying to run through a course with a ton of enemies. The strategy part is when you defeat an enemy, you can collect upgrades for your character.

There’s attack, defense, speed and jump. Your goal is to collect as many upgrades as you can and hope your stats are better than the three fighters you have to face once the five minutes are up.

The problem with this mode is that your only one character trying to fend off hordes of some of the most difficult enemies in the Nintendo Universe.

It’s really entertaining to have Bullet Bills flying after you while trying to fight Pokémon and collecting the upgrades before they disappear.

While the Super Smash Run is complicated, classic mode is really fun and with every new character you unlock, it brings a different and enjoyable experience.

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