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Show us the money

Missouri Western administrators have recommended that the Board of Governors refund a tuition increase to undergraduate students that are residents of Missouri. This seems to be because Western finally received state funding that wasn’t budgeted. Now, there is an adjustment, leading to a possible refund – however small – to students that paid the increase in tuition for the fall.

All we at the Griffon News have to say: YES, please.

We think it is fantastic that the administrators are pushing for the students to receive money back, whether their hands are being pushed by Jefferson City politicians or not. We aren’t oblivious to the fact that there may be multiple reasons for this refund, if it happens. There may very well be an order on the table from Jeff. City saying that the refund has to happen. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful. We know the administrators didn’t know if we were going to get the state funding or not.

Students could always use more money. Some students want money to spend on video games, sure. But, some students need money to pay bills like utilities, gas and food. Some students really just want money.

Any amount of money – whether it’s $5 or $50 – being refunded to students is going to make a positive impact on campus.

College is expensive. We, as students, are constantly bombarded with fees of all kinds. Books are ridiculously priced,Ā and more are required every semester. It seems like things just keep adding up.

With that being said, Griffons are going to be happy no matter how much money they get back. As long as it’s green and can be used to pay for a McChicken, we’re lovin’ it.

So Board of Governors, when you are polled, make the right decision. One, because it’s the best thing to do for the students; two, because it was the intention of the governor when he gave that money back for it to benefit the students; and three, because it may very well affect our future state funding if we tick the wrong people off in the capital.

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