Royals, Royals, Royals.

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There are over 5,900 students that attend Missouri Western, and only a select few can say they were even born during the last post season appearance by the Kansas City Royals.
We have a wide mixture of students from KC and students from St. Louis, which turns into a lot of Royals versus Cardinals fans, and Chiefs versus Rams fans.
These two are cross-state rivals in the professional athletics world and the fans are the same way.
As many were hoping for an I-70 World Series the Cardinals fell short of recreating the 1985 World Series, in which the Royals played the Cardinals.
Walking across Campus lately, you see tons of Royals fans sporting the blue and white wherever they go.
Along with those strong blue and white colors you see the strong fans of other teams wearing their colors too.
When the Royals entered the playoffs a lot of critics said that their short-ball game would not work in the post-season.
Well the Royals were on a mission to prove everyone wrong and have shown that they belong in the post season this year, winning eight straight games going into the series.
Each game was more and more nerve racking as the Royals were winning only in extra innings for their first few games.
The games were getting so intense that people who don’t like to watch baseball were watching to see what the home town Royals were going to do.
The Royals had so much momentum and drive to win that they would do whatever it took.
In one game, Billy Butler stole a base. Since when does Billy Butler steal a base?
The Royals will be facing the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, with the first game being Tuesday, Oct. 21, and the second being Wednesday, Oct. 22.
Fans who will not be able to make it to the games will be watching with friends at parties, watching the games with family at home and listening to the game over the radio at work.
The Royals playing well is motivating for their neighbors, the Kansas City Chiefs, to up their play too.
Traditionally, Royals fans would be able to make a trip to the stadium and pay $25 for a nosebleed ticket and to enjoy a nice ball game, but not anymore.
Tickets for standing room only are reaching the 200’s, and that’s to stand for an entire baseball game.
The players don’t even stand for an entire baseball game, which shows you how dedicated the fans are for the old American pastime sport of baseball.

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