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If you’ve walked by Potter Hall, you’ve most likely seen the construction surrounding the front entrance. But students are already starting to take advantage of Missouri Western’s many other renovations this semester

Western is currently undergoing numerous renovations in order to keep the campus more accessible to both students and guests alike. The biggest being the various renovations to Potter Hall.

“From a personal standpoint, the renovations in Potter Hall are much needed and welcome,” Dean of Fine Arts, Dr. Robert Willenbrink, said. “We have the new restrooms which will help all of the public performances. We have the new percussion studio going in, which will give us additional space, and get rid of the double wide that’s been housing the percussion area for several years.”

Willenbrink also mentioned that the new circle drive being put in outside of Potter’s main entrance will be very beneficial to those looking to purchase tickets for performances quickly. Once complete, it can also be used to drop off people who have trouble getting from the parking lot to the building.

Dr. Cale Fessler, the vice president for financial planning & administration, is also excited to see the renovations to Potter, and hopes that more renovations can be made in the near future.

“Obviously, we have a capital campaign going on; we’d like to do some more major things in Potter, and we’ve tried to be more strategic in that,” Fessler said.

According to Fessler, the Potter renovations have been approved out of university reserve money, so no fees were assessed to students regarding these changes.

However, course fees were assessed for some other renovations on campus like Eder Hall’s new computer lab.

The new computer lab replaced the yearbook office, which has moved to the second floor of Murphy Hall. The lab contains 24 Macs as well as a large HDTV. The lab has also doubled as a classroom for multiple classes.

Fessler is happy with the work that has been done regarding Eder’s new computer lab.

“With that Mac lab, that was a major upgrade,” Fessler said.

Fessler went on to explain how many students from different fields of study need this type of equipment for their classes, and how pleased he was with this lab’s outcome.

Other renovations have been made on campus that students have been utilizing since the beginning of the semester.

For example, Western has made some major modifications to Popplewell’s dining area. Renamed the P.O.D. Market, the new store offers students a variety of snacks and drinks for when they are in between classes.

Both the Wok and Subway are new additions to the Blum Student Union, while additions are also being made to the Walter Cronkite memorial, with an actual representation of CNN’s studio coming in the near future.

All of these minor tweaks, including painting some of the older classrooms and railings on campus; it’s all in an effort to improve the general look of Missouri Western. While the other, larger additions make it more accessible to students of various majors and interests.




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