Nothing nice to say? Don’t say it

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Everyone at one point or another has had something mean said or written about them.

In the age of cyber bullying, it seems that every time you turn your back, there’s a new way to anonymously be rude to someone via the Internet.

It’s gone from chatrooms and IMs to Facebook accounts dedicated to “confessions.”

The newest version? Yik Yak.

Yik Yak is an app. It is categorized by schools. It uses your location to determine your school. You can view any school’s feed, but you can only up/down vote and post for your school.

So, basically, it’s an app version of MoWo Confessions.

We give it some credit though. It’s not necessarily a place to bully one specific person, it’s more of a place to gossip and vent about dumb things.

The problem is, we are in college. This is four (or more) years where we are supposed to grow up into fully functioning members of society.

Last time we checked, there was no confessions page for corporate businesses. In fact, if a business finds out about an employee speaking rudely about their company, that person is terminated.

Prospective employers are not going to want to hire you if they look at your Twitter feed and see nothing but complaining.

So, why are we spending our time talking badly about our university? We get it, there’s lots of small annoying things that we can rant about: the overpopulation of geese, people who hog the entire sidewalk and walk at a snail’s pace or even the food we are offered. But, we can all handle those issues on a mature level. No need to vent about it on every social media outlet available. Just get over it.

Stop antagonizing the geese, say “excuse me” and walk around the person hogging the sidewalk and if you honestly cannot find a single thing to eat on campus, fork over some dough and eat off campus. Simple solutions.

Yik Yak serves no purpose for Missouri Western. If you are about to post something that you would not want your grandparents to see, does it really need to be said?

No. So, grow up and deal with the annoying things in life like an adult.

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