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Largest sorority recruitment ever

Spratt Stadium was filled with laughter, tears and excitement on Sunday when Missouri Western’s sororities added a total of 61 new members.

Last week’s Panhellenic recruitment set new precedents at Western due to it being the largest rush class in history and holding bid day in Spratt Stadium for the first time ever.

Kendra Greer, president of Panhellenic council, said that a total of 102 girls rushed the three Panhellenic sororities on campus. These sororities are Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Gamma Delta.

Each sorority received new members at bid day. According to Isaiah Collier, assistant dean of student involvement and Panhellenic advisor, ASA received 22 new members, Tri Sigma received 21 and AGD received 18.

Greer said one of the reasons the recruitment class was so large was because of the Panhellenic council’s marketing efforts.

“We started planning early, and we really pushed going Greek. We put posters all over campus like normal, but we also really used twitter to get girls informed about what it means to be Greek,” Greer said. “We also had a table set up in Scanlon with computers where girls could register and pay online to go through recruitment.”

Kaitlyn Doolan, a freshman psychology major with an emphasis in childhood studies and photography minor, started recruitment hopeful and ended wearing AGD letters.

“I was very doubtful the first night because I was afraid I wouldn’t make it into a sorority,” Doolan said. “Whenever the ‘party nights’ came around, I knew one of them was for me but I wasn’t sure which one. Then I narrowed it down to two, and then on pref night I knew AGD was for me.”

Doolan said she decided to rush so she could make new friends and get involved in Western’s community.

“I’m most excited about getting to know my sisters,” Doolan said.

Kealey Mathieson, senior and recruitment chair of Tri Sigma, said this recruitment was the best planned she has ever seen.

“I think the process went really well. Of course it was exhausting, but it’s worth it in the end,” Mathieson said. “We’ve been planning since January.”

Mathieson is also excited about the upcoming year with the 21 new members in Tri Sigma.

“I’m excited to get them involved in the organization, and to get to know them a lot more. We got a really good group of girls,” Mathieson said. “This was my last recruitment ever, so watching them open their bids and run to their new home was really emotional.”

Tara Caligiuri, senior and president of Alpha Sigma Alpha, said she is excited that her last recruitment was also the biggest one.

“I honestly can’t believe it’s my fourth and last year here,” Caligiuri said.

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