Lack of Variety for MWSU Concerts

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It is well known that I am not a huge fan of Missouri Western as a school. That’s just my own opinion and you can take what you want from that.

However, now there is something else that troubles me, and it doesn’t have anything to do with how the school is run. It’s how students seem to not want to try to have variety for our big concerts.

I had heard that voting had taken place (where, when and who voted is unknown to me) to pick the genre of music that will be featured at the next concert. Students had voted for alternative, but the voters somehow “cheated” and now the word is that hip-hop has been chosen for the Spring 2015 show. Now, personally, I am not a fan of hip-hop, rap or whatever, but why in the world are we going to have the same thing for three years in a row. Is there only certain students that are allowed to vote, because I do not remember seeing anything about being able to vote for the spring concert.

Here’s a big surprise: another school has done pretty well on having some big names and good shows. Truman State this past week hosted Matt & Kim, who is a quickly growing indie duo that the last time I had seen them, they opened for Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance (which was possibly the greatest show ever). I do not have an exact number of how many people went to the show at Truman, but it was a good turnout and an awesome show to remember.

My disappointment comes from a lack of interest in a desire for some variety in the types of music we have for the school. I’m not saying we have to have rock or alternative, but just something different every year. Whether it’s country, folk, alternative, classic rock, blues, easy listening, electronic, jazz or rock, I don’t care, just grow a pair and be willing to listen to something different once in a while.

Even if students “cheated” on the voting, maybe they had a good reason since they are tired of only having the option of just seeing rap. If “everything is possible,” as our new motto says, maybe it should be possible to actually listen to students on what they want to see and listen to for a concert that is supposed to be for ALL students.

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