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This is the costume that we deserve and the one that everyone needs for this Halloween. Two years ago I created my first Dark Knight inspired bat suit for Halloween and is possibly my favorite suit I have made. The best part was that the materials used were relatively cheap and easy to find. If you want to become the greatest super hero of all time, then here are my instructions to build your own costume.

Materials needed:
• 15-20, 9”x 12” Black EVA foam sheets ($0.89 each)
• 1/2″ Extra wide double fold fleece binding ($4.49)
• Fabric Glue or Rubber Cement
• Black Under Armor shirt and pants
• Black tactical gloves ($15-$60)
• Dark Knight utility belt ($12)
• Approximately seven yards of black satin material ($4.99 per yard)
• Cape costume pattern ($5-$15)
• Batman Full Mask ($30)
• Black knee high boots ($30-$70)
• Two, 1” parachute buckles
• Plain paper


1.) To start, find a very good quality production or promotional photo of Christian Bale’s bat suit that he wore in The Dark Knight. This will be the best tool for drawing out the shapes of the armor plates and how the materials will layout.

2.) Draw out to scale every piece of the armor on paper that you want to have on your particular suit. Mine suit is kind of a cheat because I did not put on the armor pieces on the back of my legs and lower back because I knew my cape would hide them. Then cut out all of the pieces.

3.) This is where things start to take shape. First, it makes things a lot easier to attach to you suit if at first you put on the under armor shirt and pants. Next, put glue on one side of all of the armor pieces and just start to stick them to yourself. Patience is a key factor, especially if you’re using fabric glue since it take awhile to dry. While super is faster at drying and more durable, it can soak through the clothing and stick to your skin.

4.) While in the gluing mode, it is time to attach the cape mounting clips. Cut two, two inch long pieces of the black binding and thread them through one side of the parachute buckles. Then glue the binding to the shirt. This should be attached with a generous amount of glue because the cape itself can have some weight and can rip off if stepped on.

5.) Cut and sew your cape together according to whatever pattern you get. The pattern I used was from a Medieval style costume and still has the same effect of a long flowing cape. Make sure you attach the opposite pieces of the parachute buckles to the top of the cape in the best place to attach to the shirt.

That’s about it for construction. All that’s left is to get a hold of a mask, boots, a utility belt and gloves which can all be found on Amazon or if you’re lucky at a local Halloween store. While not incredibly cheap, making this costume meant a lot to me to build myself because I was able to experiment with different materials and techniques in order to make a wearable costume. That’s the most important thing, find what works for you and what satisfies how accurate you want to look like as the Dark Knight.

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