Hispanic Heritage Banquet

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Hungry? Get your butt over to Enright 214-216 Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. for the annual Hispanic Heritage Banquet.

In addition to the food, there will be a live performance from Latin folk band Aztlan as well as a performance by Mayda del Valle.

The banquet is RSVP only; to save a spot, email cme@missouriwestern.edu or call (816) 271-4150.

Spanish Professor Ana Bausset-Page explains that the banquet is just one part of a month-long celebration.

“The banquet is part of all of these activities that are for the Hispanic month,” she said.

This is the second Hispanic Heritage Banquet held at Missouri Western and Bausset-Page is hopeful that this year’s will be even bigger than the first one.

“I think this is the second year,” she said. “The last year we did pretty good and we had our banquet, and now we have an even bigger one.”

When it comes time to figure out what food to serve at a banquet like this one, Center for Multicultural Education Program Assistant Charmaine Banez explains that it takes several groups’ input to figure it out.

“I’m pretty sure we partner up with the Spanish Club, and also the International students, and say which ones are the most popular, which ones would everyone really enjoy,” Banez said.

According to Banez, producing a banquet like this one is actually not all that hard to pull off.

“Pretty much if you know what is going on and you are organized and you know who to invite, it’s actually pretty easy,” she said. “Just getting people to come is the hardest part because they already make up their mind that they aren’t going to come.”

Despite being easy, it does take quite a bit of planning to pull off, she explains. The planning for this banquet actually began almost three months ago.

CME Program Assistant Tiffany Butler explains that a lot of the help for the banquet comes from the students themselves.

“The international students, since it is Hispanic month, they volunteer a lot too,” she said.

The food for the banquet comes from Aramark, and that also has a lot to do with what is going to be served, Butler explains.

“Yeah, it’s Aramark,” she said. “So it’s whatever materials they have, whatever they have that they can really work with.

Many staff members at Western and upper-level faculty also make an effort to attend banquets like this one, Butler explains.

“I went to the Black History Month Banquet and we had a good amount of students,” she said. “And then we had a lot of presidents and departments and we had more of those than we actually had students.”

Butler also says that it is important that Western acknowledges the students that make up the university’s student body.

“Just the university, there are so many different cultures and races here, and so you have to acknowledge that,” she said.












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