Griffons prepare for national spotlight

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After blowing out the RiverHawks of Northeastern, the Griffons had a short week to prepare for their match up against Lindenwood tonight.
It will be a huge game, broadcasting on CBS sports network for viewers to watch.
Missouri Western improved to 2-1 after last week’s victory and hopes to carry some of that momentum into the next game.
Defense for Western has played well in the first three games of the season and they show no signs of slowing down. Last week, they forced four interceptions, with two coming from the hands of cornerback Mike Jordan.
Safety Marc Harrison had arguably the biggest play of the game when he ran back an interception for 100 yards.
The Lions of Lindenwood have struggled to put points on the board since their opener and it has affected their record.
The Lions are 1-2 and have scored only 14 total points in the past two weeks. The Lions’ running backs have not had any 100 yard games, but various backs have touched the ball in their offense.
Jordan noted that this was going to be a big game for him and some of his teammates, since some of them will be close to home when they play Lindenwood.
“It’s a big-time game,” Jordan said. “I know the St. Louis guys are excited, because I am. From a player’s stand point, we don’t really know what to expect because we never played them. But, I am pretty sure the coaches know what to expect.”
Quarterback Dillon Miller will be the signal caller for the Lions. Miller has thrown for over 500 yards and has two touchdowns. He has also thrown four interceptions so far this season.
Running back Lavorrie Johnson has taken the majority of the snaps for the Lions and is currently the only back on the team to gain over 100 yards on the season. Johnson has 36 carries and is averaging 2.4 yards a carry.
There will be some unfamiliarity in this matchup because these two teams have not matched up lately.
Harrison feels that this will make the game more intriguing to watch. The short week of practice is also a factor.
“This is what we signed up for, we are ready to go,” Harrison said. “We never played Lindenwood before so we have to be focused. We are going to be on film study as soon as possible.”
Coach Jerry Partridge is also aware of the fact that the two teams will have a short time to prepare, when they already know so little about each other.
“It’s definitely an advantage and a disadvantage,” Partridge said. “We never played them, and they never played us. We have no history at all, and we don’t know what they are about. Now we have one less practice day to get ready for them.”
Griffon running back Raphael Spencer was happy about last week’s win, but was not satisfied. He sees this game as a way to improve moving forward.
“Definitely don’t want to be too satisfied about this past victory,” Spencer said. “But I am just looking forward to next week.”
Kickoff is at 7 p.m. and the game will be played in St. Charles, Mo.

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