Grab somebody, it’s a black light party.

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With midterms over, the semester is bound to get harder for students; which also means more work and stress. Fortunately, there are few activities on campus that allow students to unwind, including the black-light party held by the Western Activities Council.

The black-light party, which is October 30, is held in Blum 218-219.

Since the party is Halloween themed, students can come by in their costumes and join the costume contest held during the party.

Director of Entertainment Addie Wikowsky is in charge of this event and encourages any students to come.

“It’s a fun event to hang out with your friends, especially around this Halloween time,” Wikowsky said. “We encourage students to come with a costume, but students don’t have to. It’s for all students who just want to have fun.”

Wikowsky also added that the black-light party, as well as the foam party held about a month ago, are two of the biggest fall events planned by the WAC.

Reyhan Wilkinson, director of music in the WAC, also thinks the party is a good time for students.

“I think that students should come to the black-light party just because it’s during the week, which gives students something to do,” Wilkinson said. “It’s just a good time for students to come together before whatever they do on Halloween night.”

Since this event has been held annually, it wasn’t difficult for the WAC to re-plan it and set everything up.

“I got the date planned ever since the first two weeks of school,” Wikowsky said. “We did hold off on the DJ, and that was bad on my part, but we have one planned and everything looks great.”

Wilkinson also agreed that the planning process was easier this year than it has previous years.

“Planning was a little easier this year just because we knew what needed to get done based on previous years,” Wilkinson said. “We did want to make it better this year. We’re putting more towards decorations, we’re not doing the shirts this year and we have a new DJ instead of the one we’ve had in the past, so that should be interesting.”

The WAC expects a big turnout for the party this year, but do not expect many problems from the students themselves.

Paige Klocke, one of the WAC co-vice chairs, explained why this event is important.

“WAC does this event because of the great turnout that it has every year,” Klocke said. “Having traditional events can give students something to count on and look forward to.”

Wikowsky is excited for the party and is hoping for a big turnout.

“ We had nearly 1,000 people at the foam party and I’m hoping for the same for this party as well,” Wikowsky said. “We’ve never really had any big problems, so I’m hoping that trend continues. It’s not like there’s going to be that many students in one room. A lot of them are going to be in and out.”

The black-light party will be an excellent way for students to have a good time before they start the Halloween weekend.

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