Fraternities receive fall pledges

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In previous years in the Interfraternity Council, there was a limit for the amount of new members each fraternity could receive. This cap has recently been removed, leaving each social fraternity with an equal opportunity to gain as many members as they find necessary.

The three social fraternities that went through recruitment week are Phi Delta Theta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Phi Sigma Kappa. These fraternities added 22, 21 and two new members respectively.

Before the recent rush week, the Phi Delts doubled the other two fraternities in numbers.

During rush week, after the informational night held on Monday, the pledges attended activities for the fraternity of their choosing. As Tony Dougherty, recruitment chair of Phi Delta Theta, said, it was the specific fraternity’s job to excite the pledges and want them to join. If the fraternity does not put in a valiant effort to gain more members, it is likely that they won’t.

Dougherty spoke about the the cap removal’s effect on recruitment.

“You either sink or swim,” Dougherty said. “It just depends on how much work you put in it; that’s how much you’re going to get out of it.”

On Friday, the potential new members went through an interview process. They were then given the chance to submit a bid to the IFC stating what fraternities they were interested in. Each fraternity also placed bids for the potential members that they believed fit into the organization. Bid day was held on Saturday, and, according to Dillon Williams, president of the IFC, the three fraternities added a total of 45 new members.

Tanner Catlett, president of Phi Sigma Kappa, was also positive about the removal of the cap.

“It allowed more people to try without being worried,” Catlett said. According to Catlett, the cap removal was a reminder to all potential members that anyone could be recruited.

Catlett also said that the fraternities were focused on “quantity over quality,” meaning they were intent on recruiting as many members as possible.

After the final numbers of recruitment were released, Catlett claimed that due to Phi Sig being a small fraternity, the lack of the cap did not affect them as much. Yet he has plans to advertise more and have at least 25 members by the end of the year.

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