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Career fair

Students met face-to-face with ready-to-hire employers at Missouri Western’s career fair.

The career fair was held on Thursday, Sept. 25 in Fulkerson Center. Almost 40 businesses were present and ready to meet with Western students looking for a job.

Kay-lynne Taylor, director of the student employment center, felt the career fair was an opportunity students should never miss out on.

“If they attend this event, the more likely they’ll be to succeed in their career endeavors, whatever they may be,” Taylor said.

Taylor explains that going to events such as the career fair helps students to learn better skills when applying for a job and looking to meet employers.

“The students can expect a learning experience, a really spot on opportunity to learn where their skill set lies, where they need some area of improvement and what they are really good at,” Taylor said.

The Career Development Center invited companies within the community and the region who are looking to hire for full and part-time positions and internships.

The companies present included businesses in the areas of banking, accounting, finance, law enforcement, criminal justice and more.

“We try to focus on the major programs we have, and the disciplines we are teaching our students,” Taylor said.

The career fair is a way of bringing students a face-to-face meeting with potential employers.

“We are really wanting our students to engage with employers because that’s a mutual and beneficial partnership to help them understand their skills,” Taylor said.

Nikki Conroy, an employer from the manufacturing company Altec, explained what she looks for when hiring students.

“We definitely like students to come prepared and ready to answer questions, ask questions, be well dressed and resumes where we can see where they’ve been and where they want to go,” Conroy said.

Conroy also explained that Altec has hired Western students in the past, with her being alumni herself,

The students going to the career fair like senior, Victoria Byerley, find the event helpful from year to year.

“I’m just kind of looking for some businesses that I can see myself working in in the future,” said Byerley.

Byerley has been to the career fair in years past, and gave her opinion on how to improve it for future events.

“I definitely think getting some more businesses out here would help, especially from Kansas City. I know there are some here, but getting some more would help,” Byerley said.

Otherwise, both Byerley and the businesses present, like Altec, find the career fair a helpful tool when searching for jobs or looking to hire.

For those looking to get hired, the Career Development Center gave some advice for students who plan on attending career related events in the future.

“Be ethical, be outstanding, be professional in attire especially in your words and your ways, and really follow through in your integrity,” Taylor said.

Taylor also stresses the importance of going to events like the career fair, especially for higher-year students, saying it will only help in building your skill set and tools as a future employee of a business.

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