BSU Masquerade Ball

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This Halloween get ready for a night of mystery, games, free prizes, dancing, a DJ, and oh yah, free food.

On Friday, Oct. 31, the Baptist Student Union [BSU] is hosting their masquerade ball in Spratt 214 from seven to ten p.m.

Betsy Lee, BSU student, explains the night will be a good time for all students on campus.

“It’ll be a lot of fun. Some crazy games, we’ll have someone share their testimony, dancing and good food,” Lee said.

The organization has brought in a student DJ and lighting person for the night. They also will include some students sharing their testimony, or how the organization affected their life.

Gilbert Imbiri, BSU member, says the night is mostly formal attire, but they won’t stop you if you walk in as a zombie or in any other Halloween costume.

“What it is, is just a formal, dressed up, Halloween type of thing for everybody,” Imbiri said.

Imbiri also explains the ball is a way for BSU to get their name out on campus and attract new students to the organization.

“Our goal is to let students know there is a Christian organization on campus, and it’s one of the organizations that will impact your life,” Imbiri said.

Michael Swindler, BSU member and organizer of the event, says the ball is a good opportunity to spread their name on campus.

“We get our name out there. It’s kind of a community outreach to the college because the idea behind the BSU is to serve the college,” Swindler said.

Swindler explains that although the BSU is located right across from campus, students are not aware the organization really exists yet.

Letting the students know about the organization and getting there name recognized is a big part of why the group is organizing the masquerade, says Imbiri.

“Basically, masquerade is an event that we try reaching more students to knowing that there’s more Christian organizations here on campus, but we are trying to do it in a cool way,” Imbiri said.

Lee explains that many students like to make and decorate their own masks for the ball. Although the night is formal, students do not have to dress up in order to be a part of it.

Last year, the masquerade attracted between 50-100 students, and they hope to beat that record this year. Imbiri says if the ball goes well this time around, the organization will continue hosting the event each year.


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