A Magical Night with Daniel Martin

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Some would say that the greatest magic trick in the world is laughter, and Daniel Martin is one of those people.

Thanks to the Center of Student Involvement (CSI), Missouri Western got an opportunity to see Martin during family weekend on Friday and, with a big turnout, he did not disappoint.

Jessie Walter is a part of the CSI and liked the idea of booking Martin.

“We really thought it would be exciting for the students to see a magician on campus and thought Daniel Martin would be a good choice,” Walter said.

Unlike most magicians, Martin uses a different technique to entertain the crowd – comedy.

“What I wanted to do was to do stuff that no one in the world does or has never seen,” Martin said. “It’s just a real fun and good time.”

However, Martin’s love for magic did not start with practicing tricks.

“When I was six years old, I started as a pickpocket in Chicago,” Martin said. “I would take peoples watches and cash all the time because I thought it was a good game. My grandparents wanted to kick that habit and bought me my first magic kit. It was love at first trick.”

Martin started magic professionally at 12-years-old and continued to do so through school. He then worked as a TV-staffer and developed his shows from there.

“I started developing my bigger shows and there were three of them,” Martin said. “That is the problem with a lot of magic, you see the same thing over and over again.”

Martin’s hilarious tricks got a lot of the audience members, some of them including guessing a card or making a balloon animal disappear and then reappear.

There were two Western students, however, that got to be part of the best trick there was.

Laney Levan and Austin Edwards were chosen for the trick.

Martin made Levan and Edwards sit next to each other on stage. He then covered both students with sheets and made Levan “disappear” and removed the sheet from Edwards,  showing him that Levan was gone.

Then, Martin put the sheet back over Edwards’ head and made Levan reappear.

The hilarious part of the trick was that Levan simply ran back into the audience and hid without Edwards knowing, tricking him, and then going back in the chair.

“Being part of the show was really fun and exciting,” Edwards said. “I felt a little nervous because I’m not used to being on stage and felt I might do something to embarrass myself or something.”

Levan also enjoyed the show.

“He was really funny and his act was amazing, especially the finale,” Levan said.

Martin not only entertained the audience, but also enjoyed his time at Western.

“Every night is a different vibe and energy,” Martin said. “I’m very blessed that the CSI wanted to use me for family weekend.”

At the end of the show, Martin autographed posters for everyone and was selling T-shirts to those wanting them.

At the end of the night, it was clear that everyone had a magical time.

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