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A look at the talent – Jordan Jinkerson

Jordan Jinkerson plays the part of Curley, he says that Curley is a character that is relatable to a pretty wide audience.

“He is definitely quite a character,” Jinkerson said. “He is kind of like a little guy who is trying to get a lot more respect from the bigger guy.”

Jinkerson explains that he definitely understands the struggle of his character and that helped him to adopt the role of Curley.

“The funny thing about being Curley is that Curley has this hate towards bigger guys because he, by being a smaller guy he kind of just wants more respect; and I kind of understand what he is going through because in middle school I was kind of short and getting picked on by guys who are twice as big as me,” he said. “Then I started wrestling and that’s when I started getting respect. So I kind of understand what Curley is going through.”

Jinkerson’s love for acting, he hopes, will become a career that he will have for a long time to come.

“I can’t imagine myself doing anything else,” he said. “It’s something that I love doing so I would hopefully get paid to act weather it’s on stage or on screen as long as I am getting paid for something that I love doing I am happy.”


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