Western’s car charging stations are go

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Missouri Western is set to get a couple of electric car charging stations in the future for students and professors to utilize.

KCP&L, the electric utility company, had a micro-grant program for green initiatives, receiving 135 applications. Seventeen were awarded, with Missouri Western receiving the maximum award, $3,000.

Dr. Brian Cronk was the professor who ended up writing the grant for the charging stations. Sure enough, he’s also the owner of an electric car.

“Three thousand dollars will, by itself, pay for one station,” Cronk said. “And I’d like to put in a second station for the students who live in the residence halls, because, that way, it can be used as a marketing tool and a convenience for students who have electric cars, which may be nobody right now.”

Cronk went on to explain how, though there may not be too many electric car owners at the moment, he expects that number to increase as time goes on.

“Look at almost every manufacturer, and they’re going to have something electric within a year or two,” Cronk said. “So, what I was thinking, is that we get ahead of the curve.”

According to the Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center, California currently has the most electric car charging stations. However, states like Texas and Washington are also producing more charging stations.

Cronk also explained how the stations will be paid for regarding the electricity output.

“There is a donor through the foundation who’s willing to pay for the electricity, at least for a while, until we figure out exactly how much it’s costing us,” Cronk said. “I have contacted some senators in SGA to see if SGA would like to fund the one by the residence halls, and I haven’t gotten a response yet. They are looking into it.”

Absolute locations for these stations have yet to be finalized, but Cronk is hopeful that they will be finished soon.

“We were told by KCP&L that we’d be getting this grant, but we haven’t heard anything else from them yet,” Cronk said. “I would guess this fall or certainly within this year they’ll be installed, but I honestly don’t know when.”












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