Officer Caleb Carter

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“It’s what he loves and we support him.”
Casi Webb

Not all Griffons wear gold anymore, this one wears blue.

Caleb Carter, who is a patrol officer for the St. Joseph Police Department and Missouri Western graduate, has been protecting and serving the community for the past four years.

I had the honor of taking a ride along with Carter, to not only interview him, but also to see what he goes through on a daily basis. On that shift, he was able to conduct a few traffic stops, made two arrests and helped people that were having disputes. Above all else, Carter ensured that his district was safe.

“I like helping people that want to be helped,” he said.

While at Missouri Western, Carter was much like a lot of college students who were, at first, undecided on what major they wanted to take.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in college,” Carter said. “Until after my sophomore year and I took a criminal justice class and liked it and kept taking them. I couldn’t wait to be done so I could just work.”

While choosing his career, Carter had options but he was sure on what he did not want to do.

“I never wanted a job where I’m inside in a cubical,” Carter said. “It was either this or be a lawyer and being a lawyer doesn’t sound that fun to me.”

Fellow officer Zack Craft, who is also a Missouri Western graduate, explains what his thoughts are about Carter.

“He’s a good guy, a good cop and a good friend,” Craft said.

Fortunately, Carter has the support of his family and fiancé Casi Webb, even if they are sometimes concerned for him.

“I don’t think my mom likes it too much but Casi doesn’t seem to mind it too much. They don’t like the hours,” Carter said. “Mom worries about it being dangerous, and it can be, but she supports me.”

Webb, who graduated from Missouri Western also, is concerned about what Carter does.

“It’s kind of scary,” she said. “He has good stories but just the thought of him being in those kinds of situations is kind of scary. He’s told on a daily basis that he’s just a piece of crap and all that stuff and it just goes in one ear and out the other, but I think it wears him down sometimes.”

For Webb though, Carter is right where he should be.

“He loves what he does,” Webb said. “From my point of view, he doesn’t pull people over, he likes to go to more of the domestic calls, so helping people is more like him than writing tickets to people.”

Before his shift was over, Carter gave some advice to students and potential police officers that are going to school.

“Having a bachelor’s degree can help you move up the ranks, although you don’t necessarily need it for the department,” Carter said. “Don’t get in trouble because you can’t have a bad record before joining.”

Carter, along with three other officers, was recently promoted to be field training officers for the department which means they will be working with and training new officers. He is also going to be instructing a domestic terrorism course for officers in St. Joseph. As for his future, Carter would like to eventually become detective someday.

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