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Giving students free theatre tickets? Yes please

This year, the School of Fine Arts is doing something that benefits the students and hopefully themselves.

They are giving away tickets to their musicals and plays free of charge to any Missouri Western student who presents an student I.D.

Yeah. That’s right. Free.

Every college students favorite word.

Originally, students had to pay about $8 to attend a show in Potter. SGA also used to fund for them to hand out 25 free student tickets per show.

The School of Fine Arts is doing this to promote the shows they will have for the upcoming season, which are “Of Mice & Men,” “The Pirates of Penzance,” “Three Days of Rain” and “Urinetown.”

Of course, the shows will have a limited number of tickets to hand out, so students are asked to reserve tickets if they would like to attend. Otherwise, community members will be able to buy the tickets that the theatre has available. The number of tickets available is limited to Potter Hall due to reserved seating, and for Kemper Hall because of limited seating.

The administration is hoping it will allow the students to come and see the productions regardless of whether or not they can afford it.

So, if your friend is in the show you don’t have to worry about not being able to come support them.

Or if you have to come watch a show for class, no need to pay some silly ticket price.

If you know you really want to see an upcoming show, reserve your ticket in advance to assure that you are going to get to see it. Because, regardless of you being a student, it is still first come,  first serve.

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