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One of the most amazing achievements in sports is when a struggling team has a turnaround season. Although it is early in the season, Missouri Western soccer has already shown signs of a complete turnaround this year.

After finishing the 2013 season with a 2-14-2 record, the Griffons have started the 2014 season by winning three of their first four games. Currently the Griffons have scored eight goals, while allowing opponents to score only twice.

However, the most impressive achievement for the Griffons is their record-breaking game against East Central University. During this game, the Griffons broke two Western records: goals in a game, scoring six, and most assists in a game with four.

Although it is a young season, the Griffons are playing with a renewed fire in their guts and are ready to show that they are a force to be reckoned with. But, if the team has been playing so well, why is it so hard to get students to attend the games?

The Griffons feed off of energy and love it when they have a rowdy crowd cheering them on while they play. A crazy crowd can be the difference between the team gaining momentum to win a close game or falling short of an important victory.

The team deserves the largest crowd possible cheering them on to victory, especially with all of the success the Griffons are having. The Griffons play hard to win and are motivated to play harder when the stands are filled with Western students cheering for them.

Not only does a loud crowd motivate the home team, but it can easily make it difficult for the away team to play well. It would be hard for the opposing team to focus when members of the home crowd are doing everything they can to distract the away team, but the Griffons have rarely been able to have the advantage of a great home crowd.

Western students do play a part in a team’s success. When the Griffons are at home, we are obligated, as fellow Griffons, to attend the game and be as crazy, loud and supportive as possible. The team responds to the crowd and appreciates every person that attends their games.

Come to Spratt Stadium, be loud and give the Griffons an electrifying home field advantage as they play the Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats on Friday, Sept. 19.

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