Thumbs up to Admissions

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First off, we would like to welcome any new students to Missouri Western. Congratulations on your decision to become a Griffon.

Second, we would like to extend a huge two thumbs up to the Admissions office just a little ways down from our newsroom. Everyone in that office kicked some serious butt with enrollment numbers this fall.

With the number of graduating seniors in Missouri dropping, most would figure that in-state colleges would take a pretty big hit in terms of enrollment.

But what did Missouri Western do?

They raised out-of-state enrollment by leaps and bounds.

They completely combated one of the hardest things a university has to overcome. Let’s face it, if a school’s enrollment number drops it is usually the beginning of a quick domino effect.

Before you know it, your tuition gets higher, random fees start popping up on your bill and the university starts to spiral.

Anything to get that extra buck back.

Which would lead to unrest among the student body, and that never ends well for anyone.

But, thankfully, that is not what’s happening.

It is so refreshing to walk down these halls and across this campus and see an abundance of new faces, along with the familiar.

While we in the newsroom are not exactly sure what all goes into being in admissions, but we know it is far from easy.

The fact that they were able to fight against a trend that can sometimes be the downfall for most schools is incredible.

So, here’s a huge shout-out to the Admissions office on recruiting so many new Griffons.

If you stop by the Admissions office anytime soon, make sure to say congrats to those hard working people. That new friend you made might have been someone they were able to reel in.

We hope this is just the beginning of numerous things that go right this school year.

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