Residence Halls Full

  Missouri Western's seven residence halls are full due to an increase of about 120 on-campus students from last year. Nathan Roberts, director of residential life, said that last year, the halls housed roughly 1220 students. Currently, 1340 students are assigned to a room on campus. Even more students than are assigned have applied to live on campus. Roberts said that after some hard work over the weekend of reassigning rooms and creating more spots, along with a few students canceling their contracts, only about six students are still on a  'waiting list' prioritized by who applied for housing first. Roberts said that all six of the students on the waiting list are relatively local, so they will be commuting until they are assigned to university housing. Roberts believes that next semester, due to graduation and some transferring students, there will not be quite as many students living in the halls, relieving the housing crunch. However, the full residence halls have left Roberts with a positive outlook about Western. "I've only been here for about seven months, but I can tell that there is definitely a positive energy around the university," Roberts said. "I see a lot of positive collaboration from many people that has helped increase our enrollment numbers." Roberts also laid out a plan for next year if the number of students living on campus continues to increase. He said that some suites in Logan, Juda and Beshears Hall may be increased from four-student occupancies to six. This would mean that two of the previously single-occupancy rooms, one on each side of the suite, would become double-occupancy rooms. This would both lower the price of living in the suites for the students who lived in the double-occupancy rooms and increase the number of students that could be assigned to live in the suites. Along with increasing the suites capacity, Roberts said they could require students who live on campus to be full-time students. As of now, Western allows students who are admitted with conditions and limited to nine credit hours to live on campus. Roberts said that change would require collaboration with the enrollment management committee, but it could be an option.

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