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I think everyone in college will hit that one point where they are in between being a full-fledged adult, and still trying to be responsible for themselves.

I am at that point.

I worked my ass off for two years to get to this point; being the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Griffon News. But no matter how prepared I thought I was, or how much I thought about how I want to run things this year, I never fully realized the amount of work this takes is indescribable.

That being said, I am so damn ready for this.

You, as a reader, have the most important opinion. Our slogan would not be “By the students, For the students” if we did not want to hear feedback.

I love hearing students’ opinions on the newspaper. Whether it’s a question or a comment about a recent story, or an idea of something we can do as a staff to make it better for our readers, I am all ears.

If you see me walking around campus, waiting in line for food or at an event on campus, feel free to come up and talk to me about anything. Doing things face-to-face is a classic way of getting your opinion out there for us to hear.

But, hey, we are all busy. So, you can always send an e-mail my way.

I am hoping to keep up with our online content and keep making our website a constant place for breaking news stories. Because we are a weekly paper, the editors and I will be publishing more time-oriented pieces online before they make an appearance in our print issues.

There’s this quote that says, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

So, new students, do something that scares the shit out of you. Whether it’s joining that organization that peaked your interest at Western Warm-up or saying hi to the kid you always see walking about. Get involved, make friends and enjoy the hell out of your classes.

Everyone else, you know how this works. So, kick some major ass this year. There is always time to finally do that one thing you have been on-the-fence about for a semester or two.

Just remember that, like you, I will probably mess up at some point. I can plan out things all I want, but there is destined to be bumps along the way. However, we can survive this semester together.

Feel free to swing by our newsroom, Eder 221, or send an e-mail at Go Griffs!

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