Freshmen go gold

Freshmen should not be on the edge of their seats since they have gone through Western’s new student orientation. Approximately 875 students were a part of Griffon Edge, and now leaders and students both are looking forward to the upcoming semester. Hannah Sartain, a third year leader for Griffon Edge, expressed why she has stayed with the program. “I love being a part of welcoming in all of the new freshmen,” Sartain said. “I’m here to answer any questions they have and I try to make them feel comfortable about the whole college transition.” Two freshmen, Prince Mosley and Morgan Molloy, both had positive experiences and were helped to get used to campus. “I do feel prepared for my first semester because I was able to speak with a lot of the leaders during the three days and I got to hear about what helped them through when they first started college,” Mosley said. “I also got a lot of insight about some of my professors from the upper classmen.” “At first, I didn’t know that it would be right for me but after I stepped into it, it felt like it would be better for me.” Molloy said, “I had a pretty fun time. I’ve met a lot of new people and I saw some old people I knew.” This incoming class is one of the largest in the last several years, but is also the centennial class. “This class was very excited because they are the incoming class of Missouri Western’s centennial year.” Sartain said.“They were all really fun and excited to become Griffons.” Not only does Griffon Edge help introduce new students to campus, it also provides informative sessions and community service projects. The sessions included a briefing on the overall academic atmosphere on campus and an introduction to campus life. Some of the community projects included working on homes, cleaning, and packing school backpacks for less fortunate kids are just a few of the services they conducted. There were also several social events held over the three-day program to help students get to know each other. These events included a block party on Thursday, recreation night with many games including battleship in the Looney Pool on Friday, and a Greek cookout with a movie screening on Saturday. So far this fall, the 875 students of Griffon Edge have carried out approximately 2,000 hours of service and donated over $1,400 for United Way.

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