Spratt gets a facelift

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Now is the time to excite students about Griffon sports, and  renovations to Spratt Stadium might just do the trick.

Student support of Missouri Western athletics has been hard to come by recently. Sure, students will come to the game, but after halftime Spratt Stadium is less than half full and is overtaken by the visiting team’s fans.

Western tried to improve the situation by allowing those who were of age to drink outside of the stadium at each fan’s respective tailgates. Although tailgates were much livelier, this caused twice as many drunken fans to enter the stadium than before.

It is kind of like a domino effect, because now all of the intoxicated fans get worn out by the end of the first quarter and leave, rather than leaving at halftime.

With the much needed renovations to Spratt Stadium, fans will be more likely to stay at, or even just attend, the games.

Football fans want to be as close to the field as possible, see countless replays of the opposing quarterback being obliterated by multiple Griffon defenders and see the various forms of touchdown plays that the Griffons have in their arsenal over and over again.

The renovations are going to give the fans exactly what they want.

After the turf field is moved closer to the stands, the fans are going to be encouraged to be louder than ever, just because they are a little closer to actually stepping on the field.

It makes sense. If you do not play football anymore, the next step is to be the eleventh man, to aid your team by yelling whatever comes to mind to disrupt the opposing team.

That aspect alone is enough to make the game much more interesting to all fans.

Once you incorporate the monstrous scoreboard that the athletic department plans to purchase, then they have satisfied the need of the fans to see endless replays of bone-crushing hits and beautiful touchdown plays.

Just imagine seeing the Griffon defense intercepting a pass from the Bearcat quarterback and scoring a touchdown seconds before halftime. Now, imagine seeing replays of that moment multiple times until halftime is over.

Every time that clip plays, the fans will go insane.

How could they not?

The play does not lose its appeal the more times it is played. It would actually have the opposite effect. Not only will Western fans feel satisfied and excited every time the replay is shown, but the opposing fans will have to suffer through seeing their team humiliated long after the actual play is over.

Griffon fans do not need to worry that these renovations will be cheaply made.

With athletics planning to spend $7.5 to $12 million, everyone can expect the renovations to be top notch. This is very reassuring, because Griffon athletes and fans deserve nothing less than the best.

The renovations to Spratt Stadium are exactly what athletics needs to increase attendance and interest in the games.

Fans will be excited to attend the games and see that their stadium is awe inspiring. Griffon football players and other athletes will take pride in seeing their home field in such amazing condition.

After all, everyone likes new things.

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