Recycling efforts on campus

Just about three years ago, the Student Government Association passed a motion 14-0 in favor of furthering the recycling efforts on Missouri Western's campus. Students in Free Enterprise went to SGA with the hopes of starting a recycling program on campus and were wanting to be granted $5,000 for the start-up of the program and purchase of a truck to help in the recycling pickup efforts. When SGA passed the motion on May 2, 2011, they granted SIFE $7,500 for the purchase a used truck with a camper shell and to cover start-up costs, such as liners for the recycling receptacles and promotional use across campus. At the time, Alison Norris had just been sworn in as SGA President. SIFE took the money and spent $5,500 on a used Ford Ranger, using the remaining amount to spread the word about recycling efforts to the students of Western's campus. Arrangements were made with Bright Disposal for a dumpster and the pickup of recycled material. Thanks to PepsiCo., Western was able to put in several blue Dream Machines all over campus. When it first went into effect, Dr. Jeanne Daffron, who is the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, was paying for student workers to pick up the recycling. While the recycling efforts is a small operation, it's still going in full force today. Mike West is the adviser for SIFE. Currently two to four student employees make the rounds to the buildings. The number varies depending on many hours the students can work. The students individually work anywhere between five and 15 hours per week. They are paid out of a small operating budget that Western set up for them when the recycling program was launched. According to West, the frequency of recycling pickup tends to vary. "The frequency varies, depending on the historical and anticipated volume," West said. "All of the buildings are serviced at least twice per week, some more often. Overall, rounds are made each day, Monday through Friday." The truck they bought is still a big essential for them. "They [the student workers] are removing multiple 55-gallon bags from each building," West said. "Once the truck is full, they must take all of the bags to the West Campus to put into the dumpster that we use for the recycling program."

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