Is it even worth it?


As we go through college, we are introduced to numerous opportunities that could lead to our future careers. However, I have to ask the question, is it all really worth it?

Education is definitely important, and anyone that says it isn’t is crazier than I am, but what I am questioning is whether or not going to the problems associated with colleges is worth a degree. Those of us that are not fortunate enough to have tuition paid for by sports scholarships or through other means have to either pay out of pocket or receive financial aid through student loans.

Both of these options have their own drawbacks that could have some lasting consequences. If a student were to try to pay out of pocket, they may need to hold down a regular job on top of a full course load. I have seen students do this and push themselves to their physical limits, but I can’t imagine how they feel emotionally. The other option of signing up for financial aid won’t have an immediate impact on a student, but once they graduate, they will be in debt for decades to come. How is that a healthy or even a smart thing to do to someone that will probably just be trying to survive in the real world? I do have student loans to pay off once I graduate, and I constantly worry if it’ll stop me or my future family from enjoying life.

Not only are there financial difficulties tied to our college careers, there are so many social and emotional pressures placed on students. While being introduced to new ideas and cultures that people may not have grown up around can be a good thing, sometimes it feels as though, at least to me, that certain ideals are taught and that is the only correct way, which seem to lean to a more liberal side. It seems that the “liberal” in a College of Liberal Arts is being fulfilled most of the time just from the current topics are talked about in the classroom. Education should be nonpartisan and if someone wants to truly open minds to new ideas, then all sides should be allowed and left up to the students to decide, not have a teacher preach their personal view.

Unlike my previous article, this is not meant to solely target Missouri Western, but the entire college system. With student loans getting out of control and no signs of our government trying to put forward real aid for education, I have to question whether or not it would be worth sending my kids to college. All my childhood, I heard from my parents and from public schools that going to a university was the only way to succeed in the real world, but since a lot of students end up with more problems than they had before attending college, I think it should be something for parents to consider for their children from now on.

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