IFC cap lifted

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Rush restrictions will finally be lifted, and fraternities need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Missouri Western’s Inter Fraternity Council has proposed to remove the cap for fraternity rush, beginning in the Fall of the 2014-2015 academic year.


In the previous years, IFC rush was capped at a certain percentage, depending on the amount of potential members that attended the first informational event or the following rush week events.


While the cap was established, it was extremely hard for each organization to reach their full potential, not only because the rush classes were limited, but because it was difficult for the fraternities to replace departing members and grow at the same time.


After many semesters of debating back and fourth, IFC has now lifted the cap and granted each fraternity the power to receive as many potential members as possible.


This privilege will allow exponential growth for the three social fraternities on campus: Phi Delta Theta, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Sigma Kappa.


Now each organization will be able to hand out as many bids to potential members as is desired. Although this is a great opportunity, different members of each organization are worried about the potential outcome.


Some members from the different fraternities believe that, if there is no cap in place, one organization will become much larger than the others.


The only problem with that hypothesis is that Phi Delta Theta has already become almost three times larger than both Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Sigma Kappa while the cap was in place.


All three fraternities need to take advantage of the opportunity they are given, because the tables can easily be turned now that the rush cap has been lifted. Each organization can give bids to as many potential members as they want, and if the fraternities do not grow from this, then it is their own fault.


The organizations should not be worried about another fraternity becoming larger than the rest, but they should be focused on fine-tuning their recruitment skills and tactics.


The opportunities for each respectful fraternity are now endless, but it is their job to take advantage of what they are given.

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