I miss my IPhone

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I have never been an Apple fan. I was born and raised in an era deeply steeped in PC, so I was probably the last person on earth to get an iPhone.

Recently, with my Verizon account, due to upgrade, I decided to ditch my iPhone and pick up the new HTC One (m8) that I had heard so much about. Here is the verdict:

The interface:

  • Initially it’s a little confusing to find things. The setup on the main screen is pretty bare with no clear menu icon.
  • Messages no longer pop up on my locked screen. There is really no immediately clear delineation between texts and emails.
  • When texts are being written, letters tend to double or even triple up at a single touch.
  • When trying to scroll, it often times selects before allowing any vertical movement resulting in a plethora of accidental selections and endless frustration.
  • The signal is much shakier at home than on the IPhone as well as on back roads despite both phones using Verizon as a carrier.


  • In terms of portability HTC seems to be reverse engineering the cellphone world in all the wrong ways. The new m8 is the size of a small dog and resembles something I would be more likely to catch an assault charge with than make a phone call on. I feel like I have one of those iconic boom boxes on my shoulder from the 80’s when I get a call and I should immediately put on wind-suit pants and bust a move on some cardboard when I talk on it.
  • The only case available when I received my digital talking brick of the future was so bulky it just added to the new pocket resistant version of cellphone.

Battery life:

  • Not a ton to say here. I’ll just leave it at this; I think my new phone needs digital Viagra, because it just keeps going off too soon. My phone seems to have the stamina of a pubescent teen.

The pros of the phone:

  • On the plus side, the new $600 phone was “buy one get one free,” so my wife gets to participate in my newfound cellular hate.


  • Overall I was really underwhelmed by the m8. I found myself missing many of the features and intuitiveness that was built into my old iPhone. On the plus side, if you really don’t like your significant other and are too socially awkward to just walk away, I am pretty sure “HTC frustration” will become a legit homicide defense in the near future. In a nutshell, I miss my iPhone.



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