Glitter ban enforced after WAC talent show incident


Missouri Western reminded students of the campus ban against glitter on April 2. A cryptic e-mail, sent through Orgsync, stated “organizations/students are not allowed to use glitter on their posters/programs for any event in any venue on campus.”

The e-mail was sent two weeks after the Western Activites Council hosted their annual talent show in Kemper Recital Hall. The winning act, performed by Ivory Cohens and Daniel Cole, involved a glitter bomb, held together with newspaper. The bomb was thrown from the stage for a grand finale to the performance.

A video posted to Facebook on Cohens’ page clearly shows the glitter landing directly on a Yamaha floor speaker, which is owned by the Instructional Media Center.

Lonnie Johnson, director of facilities, stated that the glitter ban was not new, but just had not been enforced recently.

“The Physical Plant has always stipulated no glitter in our facilities.  If you have ever tried to remove glitter from upholstery, carpet, drapes, table cloths, etc., it is easy to understand why we don’t want it used in our facilities,” Johnson said.

Cori Criger, instructional technology director in the IMC, said the speaker had not yet been replaced, and she was not sure when it would be or how much it will cost, since the department has not replaced speakers recently. Comparable Yamaha floor speakers are listed for around $300 online.

Criger said they would try to clean the speaker, but she did not think they would be successful. She said the IMC is going to try to use the speaker for student events, but would not be able to use it for formal events because of the glitter in it.

Criger also said the stage had to be professionally cleaned to remove the glitter after the talent show.

Johnson said that the cost of the stage being cleaned was roughly $250. Western hired an off-campus cleaning company to do the job.

The cleaning is usually taken care of in-house, but Johnson said the university does not have the proper equipment to remove the glitter entirely.

Johnson also stated that the university is looking at the procedures to see if anything needs to be changed or updated.

Both Shana Meyer, vice president of student affairs, and Isaiah Collier, assistant dean of student development, did not return phone calls and emails for comment.

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