Gentlemen of Color

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The organization Gentleman of Color better knew as GC, has been on Missouri Western’s campus for two year now.

The president of GC Crishawn McGruder is a young man that knows how to dress for success, along with members Jarrett Potter and Keith Brownlee as well.

McGruder was born in Pierre Illinois, but raised in St. Louis Missouri.

McGruder is a sophomore here at Missouri Western and his major is health and exercise science.

McGruder has been a part of GC since it stated, but has been the president of GC for a year.

McGruder say “He enjoys being a part of GC because this organization gives me a chance to network around campus and use resources that are given to me. I also like that fact that we as a group can get things done well and on time.”

Although GC is a self benedictional organization they still try in do things on campus.

“GC offers an organization for all men students that would like to learn how to become a gentlemen on campus, we also teach and give an example on how to do so. Every Wednesdays we walk the campus dressed well showing woman that shivery is not dead.”

The two years that GC has been on campus their organization has collected ten members.

Potter says “Other students should want to join GC because it gives them a chance to first be active on campus. We offer the campus a lot by just being yourselves.”

Potter also said “GC is a hands on organization we like to be involved with the student body.”

Other organization member brownlee said “I joined GC because I don’t want to be a student on campus that in not active. I felt that GC would be a good fit for me.” He also added

“I like the fact that GC can and does builds character.” Brownlee has been a part on GC for one semester.

The Gentlemen of Color is an organization that is trying to build up their name on campus. At 8pm, every Wednesday GC meets in Blum Student Union stop by in check them out.

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