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In the February 13th edition of The Griffon News, we ran a staff editorial entitled, “B.o.B costs a F.E.E.” In that editorial, we predicted that the new $5 fee assessed to students to attend the Spring Concert, which they’d already paid for through student fees, would be a bad idea. It pains us to say this, but we were right. According to ticket sale information provided by Student Affairs, only 375 total student tickets have been distributed or sold to Missouri Western students. According to our source at the Civic Arena, Western has held back approximately 1,300 tickets, with the intention of selling them to students. We don’t think it’s much of a surprise that the 200 free students tickets went like hotcakes. They’re free. As for the other 1,100 tickets, we can safely assume that they won’t all be gone by Friday. As of press time, only 175 of the remaining tickets had been sold to students. We aren’t math majors, but after some rough figuring, we come up with 925 tickets completely unaccounted for. Either Tony Dougherty has one hell of a posse, or a lot of tickets that we’ve already paid for are going in the dumpster. We aren’t going to speculate about how many total tickets have been sold, since they’re available to the public and Ticketmaster refused to release sale information to us. But really, that part is irrelevant. Sure, it’s embarrassing when a performer has to pretend that they are excited to be playing for an empty Western audience, but that’s our burden to bare as the student body. The reality is, the performer should be here for our benefit, and we’ll show up if we please. It’s not about packing the house, it’s more about providing for students. It’s not fair at all for 200 students to receive free tickets, while 175 students have to pay an additional tax for them. It punishes a minority of the student population, and it only raises a measly $875. That’s a drop in the bucket to save up for a better show, and we bet it doesn’t keep up with inflation when an act has a $75,000 price tag. Student Affairs: the mission failed. It’s time to abort. Give the students their tickets for free, and give the $5 fee back to the few suckers who were duped into paying twice. We aren’t raising substantial revenue from this venture, and we definitely aren’t keeping students accountable for attendance. Give it up. To anyone who says, “It’s only $5,” feel free to surrender the free ticket that you surely received and go pay the money yourself. We know how much money $5 is -- we’re in college, we can count that high. It’s the principle of the thing that really gets under our skin.

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