Bear Pride

I have been asked recently about why I constantly wear shirts, hats, coats and carry a Missouri State University lanyard. Simple answer, I believe Missouri State is a much better school. Yes, there are good things about Missouri Western. The professors I have are great, certain members of the administration have helped me, being a part of the Griffon News has pushed me to improve my skills and the students that I spend plenty of time with every day in class is what I look forward to. However, after going through plenty of hardships with so much unnecessary drama about transferring credits and getting through being on academic suspension, I just noticed an attitude of thinking that this school can do no wrong that I did not encounter at Missouri State. Considering that my general education math class at Missouri State was MTH 101 and was my only math requirement I needed for my major at the time. When I transferred to here, that class was brought in as MAT 081 and I had to take MAT 082 and MAT 110 in order to meet the general education requirements for Missouri Western. So why does Missouri Western make it seem like they are above another university that has not only been around longer, but at least deserves the title of University. My brother and dad also encountered this mindset while they were here so maybe there's just something against the Ingram family. Much like the rest of St. Joseph which should take example from Springfield for many of our city's problems, Missouri Western should be learning from Missouri State instead of belittling the students and credits that are coming from a university that has existed much longer and isn't so concerned about making money and helps to prepare students for a career. If it weren't for wanting to be around my family more and closer to my fiancée, I would transfer back to Missouri State in a heartbeat, even if I have to graduate later to meet the credit hour requirements because I am tired of feeling like a Bear in a place full of Griffons.

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