Western baseball to welcome struggling Gorillas

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Western baseball hopes that their pressure, executing their small ball play and fewer errors on defense will help them when they face the Pittsburg State Gorillas.

The Griffons will face off against the Pitt State Gorillas. They have an overall record of 13-18 and are 10-14 in conference. As of now, the Gorillas are on a five-game losing streak with their most recent loss coming from Missouri Southern.

Western has an overall record of 15-14 and is 11-11 in conference play. Before losing to Nebraska Kearney, the Griffons were on a seven-game winning streak.

The Griffons hope to keep the pressure up against the Gorillas to force them to make mistakes. Senior outfielder David Chew is confident they can keep the pressure on the Gorillas if they just play their game.

“We just need to play our game and put pressure on the defense and force them to make mistakes,” Chew said. “Also have good defense on our side.”

The Griffons feel that they have been doing well at executing their small ball play. They feel that lately the team has been doing well at bunts, hits and runs.

“We have been doing pretty well at executing our small game as far as bunts and hit and runs,” Chew said. “Especially lately, we’ve been doing a good job of that the last couple of weeks and if we keep doing that we are going to keep playing well.”

Junior pitcher Matt Russell also thinks that the team has been doing well this second part of the season at executing their small ball play. He feels that it will be a big factor for them against the Gorillas.

“Our small ball has been well we get people on and then we get them over,” Russell said. “After we get them on and over we let our big guys get them in and that’s been helping us a lot.”

The Griffons feel that if they have solid play on the defensive end, it well help when they play the Gorillas.

Senior pitcher Jake Jones thinks that if they can prevent small errors, they will be good.

“On defense, we just need to be more solid and make fewer errors,” Jones said.

Chew also thinks that they need to prevent their errors on defense.

“We need to improve the errors on defense,” Chew said. “There have not been a ton of errors, but a few of them have been costly and we need to pick up on that.”

Matt Russell thinks that more fluid play will help them on defense.

“We just need to be a little more fluid on our defense,” Russell said. “If we can stay steady with our defense and have some good solid games we should be good.”

Western and Pitt State will meet Friday, April 11 here at the Spring Sports Complex.


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